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St John Baptist Church of Alex St John Baptist Church of Alex

Ministries Ministries

Church Ministries


Brotherhood Ministry - A ministry that emphasizes deeper personal relationships of men with Jesus Christ, while equipping and energizing them to stronger and more Biblical fathers, sons, and husbands.


Children Ministry This ministry focuses on the young people of St John and the community. The goal is to develop God fearing, Bible believing youth that know their purpose in life and develop and use their God given gifts to bring glory to God.


Choir Ministry – Believers who are committed to using their gifts and talents to praise and worship God through song.


Deacon Ministry – Men called of God to take care of the physical needs of the congregation. To ensure that the needs of the senior women and widows in the church are being met. And to conduct the business matters of St John in accordance to the Will of god and under the guidance of the Pastor. (Acts 6:2)


Deaconess Ministry - Women Called to serve the needs of the congregation of St John and to assist the Deacons Ministry in accordance to the Will of God.


Hospitality Ministry A Church ministry with a Call to meet the practical needs of those in our church family, from meals to transportation to visitation.


Marriage Ministry A ministry with a Call to help couples to heal and strengthen their relationship based on the Word of God.


Outreach Ministries - A ministry that proactively reaches into the community to foster fellowship with people who share the same faith.


Prayer Ministry Believers who are committed to structured prayer time on a continual basis, on a specific day, at a designated time and for a predefined time period. These Believers serve as Intercessory Prayer warriors.


Senior Ministry A ministry with a Call to assist in meeting the needs of the senior members of St John and the community.


Share Food Ministry - The ministry assists members and the local community supplement their food budgets with nutritional food at reasonable prices.


Trustee Ministry – Believers who are charged with the responsibility for the supervision and care of all property and equipment owned by St John. The group is to plan and set policies for the maintenance and use of the property and equipment.


Usher / Door Keepers Ministry This ministry assists in ushering in the presence of God during the worship experience by offering assistance wherever needed.


Wellness Ministry This ministry provides services to and comforts the members of St John that are going through a period of illness.


Women Ministry - Women with a Call of God to serve other women and children in the church. Women working to fulfill God’s role for women in the church. Women creating Support groups within the church for women. Women praying for other women.